Psychology Research Group

Psychology Research Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the scientific research on human psychology. We investigate human psychological phenomena such as depression, introversion and extroversion, and autism. All our research is based on scientific evidence and in line with the most up-to-date scientific findings.

Humans possess different personality traits. Some are shy while others are outgoing. Some are pessimistic while others are optimistic. We would like to investigate if the genetic or environmental influence is stronger in shaping personality traits, and by how much.

Depression is the long-term sadness and loss of interest that can potentially be debilitating and life-threatening. It is a common psychological phenomena among people of all ages. Depression may have many different possible causes. Our research attempts to discover the most common causes of depression.

Is ADHD a real psychological disorder, or is it simply a manifestation of the incongruitiy between a human mind evolved in a hunter-gatherer existence and the modern society, especially its educational system, with its rigid rules and requirement to sit still? Is ADHD genetically influenced? Why is there a difference in ADHD rates between the 2 sexes? Our research attempts to answer all these questions.

Sex jealousy is the angry suspicion of infidelity. Is sexual jealousy a biologically evolved trait, or something created by culture? If it is the product of evolution, what function does it serve? To answer these questions, we first investigate the differences in sexual jealousy between males and females. If such differences exist, they would support the genetic and evolutionary explanations of sexual jealousy.

Autism is a disorder that is characterized by the inability to engage socially with other people, a fixation on patterns, and sometimes extraordinary gifts in memory, language, music, or math. No single cause of autism has been conclusively proven, although many genes have been associated with it. One of the greatest mysteries about autism is its alarming increase in frequency, despite it being a devastating condition. In our research, we attempt to solve that mystery.

Homicide is the extreme and ultimate manifestation of human aggression, and therefore the study of homicides can help us understand aggression as an evolved human behavior, elucidating its adaptive function. We start by investigating the school shootings and try to uncover the common cause behind them, if there is one.